Summer at the Georgian sea coast starts already at the end of May or beginning of June. The weather is usually hot, so you can breathe fresh sea air and swim, if the water is warm enough. Actually the best time for swimming in the sea is from middle of June till end of September. The water is really enjoyable, and the beautiful landscapes just make your vacation as good as it can be. Each Georgian sea resort has its own peculiarities. Batumi is a center of nightlife and entertainment, famous for its discos, clubs, cafes and long beautiful promenade, where you can cycle or have a pleasant walk before giving in to dancing. Batumi Botanical Garden is an attraction for those who love nature: you can spend the whole day walking there! Kobuleti, Chakvi, Gonio and Kvariati are good places for a peaceful vacation with family. If you spend your vacation in Kobuleti, you can visit Kintrishi Protected Area, see beautiful waterfalls, typical Ajarian arch bridges, walk in the forest, learn more about Georgian flora and fauna. Ureki with its magnetic sand is a really good place for improving your health. Anaklia is a small climatic resort which has a lot of space, interesting architectural objects - from ancient fortress to ultra modern bridge. Recently it started hosting music festivals.

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